6 benefits of accurate weather forecast during the construction phase of a project

In our last article, we highlighted the importance of reliable weather data on improving the construction industry.

The blog post covered the different stages of construction projects. For instance, we mentioned how knowing the site-specific weather forecast helps to construct buildings and structures that can withstand high-risk weather conditions.

In this article, we would like to elaborate on the importance of accurate weather forecasts during the construction phase of a project. These are essentially the key benefits that businesses can take advantage of when constructing something.

These benefits include:

Safety of personnel

Extreme temperatures can put the safety of construction personnel at risk. Not only can they be prone to injuries and accidents, but weather conditions like fog and rain can even limit visibility and the ability to concentrate on their delegated tasks.

With accurate weather reporting, construction workers can easily plan out their day and be fully prepared for any weather conditions that may occur. This way, they can administer respective safety measures which then mitigates the risk of accidents.

Safety of assets

Not knowing the site-specific weather forecast for your construction location can hamper the sustainability of your assets. For example, if your construction site uses tower cranes, knowing accurate wind direction for the day is crucial to ensure wind speeds don’t push the crane or its load away from its destination. Imagine if the wind speed for the day was unbearable for your crane – it would bend the crane, even possibly snapping it – causing serious damage to the machine, surrounding assets, as well as personnel.

Adverse weather effects like floods and cold temperatures are also vital to be monitored. Extreme temperature fluctuation can weaken the integrity of different machines and structures, hampering construction efforts and causing delays and damages.

Efficiency in decision-making process

Having accurate construction weather forecasts on hand can help operation managers and engineers make better planning and day-to-day decisions.

Let’s take the scenario of the construction of an offshore platform. If you have a crew of personnel that is scheduled to be helicoptered in at daybreak, only for you to find out the night before that there may be some turbulent wind conditions at the time of transportation, you can effectively decide to postpone the movement of people.

While this example is just a short-term decision-making process, accurate weather data will also give you the ability to make calculated long-term decisions. This will help ensure the construction phase of your project runs smoothly without any adverse risks to personnel, assets, timeline or budget.

Increased operations performance and resources management 

Accurate weather forecasting isn’t simply the ability to provide you with weather forecasts for the day. With The Screen Weather’s technology, we dig into the weather trends for historical weather information and identify the data that is specific for your construction site.

Having this information in hand will improve your operations in terms of knowing exactly what should be done for the day, as well as for days to come. Resources are also better managed – for example, which time or season is better to lay foundational cement, or when to avoid work from heights.

Timely and cost-efficient completion of the project

Better decision making means increased performance and productivity. With this, the chances of your construction project running into severe deliverability issues with time or budget limitations are mitigated.

It is often very typical for construction projects to be delivered late. There are numerous factors in play here but aside from disappointments, late delivery of construction projects can also affect other things including cost and reputation.

Having accurate weather forecasts is one way to reduce overlapping of your resources from project to project. With weather forecasting data at your disposal, you can provide optimum use for all resources and meet demands accordingly. This will help you project schedules better, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Positive impact on the environment

We’ve seen the damage that weather-related disasters leave in their wake. From hurricanes to storms, all these adverse weather conditions can not only inflict harm on lives and property, but it can even scar the environment.

Construction sites have a lot of loose items. Anything that is not secured is at risk of flying off – an occurrence that can injure people, too. After such severe weather, construction projects can even be untouched for a while until reparations are made and leaving hazardous chemicals and objects lying around is also damaging to the environment.

This is just one example. Now that we are constantly reminded of the impact we have had on climate change, we should also take into consideration site-specific weather forecasts to minimise our carbon footprint in the region of our construction site. If there is a water shortage, engineer methods to ensure you don’t dehydrate the land that can incur even more environmental impact and weather fluctuations. Use less toxic chemicals, biodegradable material and weather resistant materials to ensure long-term sustainability.

All these benefits can be reaped with a simple solution: ensuring that your construction site is equipped with cutting-edge technology to observe and predict accurate weather patterns. With such reliable weather data, your construction projects can be carried out seamlessly and without any hiccups.

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