Global MeteOcean Numerical Weather (GMONW)

With over a decade of supporting successfully numerous offshore and marine projects around the world, Global MeteOcean have developed their unique Numerical Weather Technology, combining the extensive experience of their Weather Forecast Specialists across various weather patterns on land environment and offshore, the deep knowledge of Meteorological and Ocean state-of the art Models from best Global data sources, the integration of AI powered Data Analysis Algorithms, and the process of Metocean Model down-scaling up to very High-Resolution less than 1km.

The scientific process of High-Resolution Weather Modeling requires lateral boundary conditions from global models in order to resolve down-scaling grid equations. Global MeteOcean derive their Weather Forecast High-Resolution data from the major Synoptic Scale medium-range Models available around the world such as NOAA-GFS (USA), ECMWF (EU), GEM (Canada), ICON-DWD (Germany), and UKMET (UK).



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